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  • Leila Moulana

Same-sex marriage is recognized by the USCIS!!

USCIS provides immigration benefits to same-sex married couples as they do to opposite sex married couples. As long as the marriage was entered into legally under the laws of any State or Country that recognizes and permits same-sex marriages, the USCIS will also accept your marriage as lawful for immigration purposes. This is wonderful news for many couples who previously were not able to petition for their life partner to become a lawful permanent resident in the United States.

The same eligibility rules still apply:

  1. The marriage must be lawful and bona fide. Marriage should not be entered into for the purpose of gaining immigration benefits.

  2. The foreign national must have had legal entry into the United States, or be protected under INA section 245(i), in order to be eligible for adjustment of status.

  3. The foreign national must be otherwise admissible or qualify for waiver of inadmissibility.

If there was illegal entry, or if there are grounds of inadmissibility, it may still be possible to adjust your status in the United States with the help of an experienced attorney. Make sure to contact me for a full case evaluation prior to filing any petitions with the USCIS!!

Contact me for a consultation today at (714) 743-2175!!

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