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  • Leila Moulana

H1B Season is here!!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The H1B visa is temporary work visa for specialty occupations. That means occupations that would require the person to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. H1Bs are numerically limited and very much sought after.

There are only 65,000 H1B visas (H1B- Cap) available each fiscal year for those with Bachelor's degrees, and an additional 20,000 for those with Master's degrees or higher obtained in the U. S. (H1B cap exempt). These fill up very fast every year. As such, over the years the H1B visa has become a lottery system. Every year the USCIS provides us with a short window of time to register all applicants. They then randomly select from those who have registered. Only those who have been selected can prepare and file their petitions.

The window to register to be entered into the 2023 Fiscal year H1B lottery is March 1st to March 18th. The USCIS intends on notifying the account holders by March 31st if they have been selected or rejected. If you are selected, you are given a deadline by which to file your petition. If your petition is approved, you can start working for your H1B employer as of October 1, 2022.

It is important to contact me now so that I can prepare your case for registration and for filing the petition if you are selected. I need to conduct a full case evaluation and make sure your credentials are U. S. equivalent, and also to create an account for your H1B employer. Please do not delay!!

Call now for your free telephone consulation!!

(714) 743-2175

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